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Law of Attraction is MatheMAGICS

Law Of Attraction Tacitly Implies Lack

I suggest anyone who is currently interested in, or participating in the Law of Attraction, watch this video and listen carefully to what is being said.

The starting point of using a "law" to "attract something" actually gives permission, acceptance, and allowance for "lack". This is actually obvious common sense -- however, what I have encountered is that people who are so consumed with their self interest will simply deny this simple realization, and insist that they are doing something "good" and "beneficial". Yes - good and beneficial for YOU. But not for All as One as Equal.
In the video "Law of Attraction Tacitly Implies Lack", there is a point made about the Equal Money System, which is that it is a system that is Best for All - a system that supports everyone - whether you are good or evil. Now, this does not mean the system supports you …

Go Beyond Psychology

Sigmund Freud was one of the fathers of modern psychology, having developed psychodynamics which is the exploration of the dynamics of what is perceived to be the psychological forces behind human behavior. Psychodynamic theory is the basis of psychoanalysis, which is a popular form of therapy among human beings.

Psychologists are defined as the authorities on human behavior, and are perceived to have the ability to give us the 'answers' to the problems of conflict and distress we experience within ourselves in our thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

I've just read that Freud smoked about twenty cigars a day for the majority of his life. When his doctor advised him to quit, he attempted to, but experienced such extreme depression and mood swings that he began smoking again to escape his unpleasant experience.

Funny how someone who's theories are applied in therapy to help people, was unable to assist and support himself to understand and stop his own emotional turmoil, w…

Redefining the word 'Conflict' in Common Sense

Conflict – co-inflict – I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define the word ‘conflict’ as an experience in which I experience myself as having harm inflicted unto me by another, within believing that 'another' is able to 'inflict harm unto me' within myself, wherein 'someone else' is apparently 'causing'my inner experience of 'now I am in conflict with someone' - within which I experience adrenaline / anxiety / fear / anger – instead of realizing that, what I experience within myself = is myself. Thus, conflict is cool because it shows me where I am creating an experience of apparently being harmed / having something done unto me – within myself, by myself, through projecting blame and judgment onto another, in separation of me as the creator of myself, and what I experience within myself.

Conflict – convict – conviction – confliction – I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define the word ‘conflict’…

Creating A World For Life

There were an estimated 50-70 million deaths in 6 years of WW2.
It is estimated that over 100 million children suffered deaths from starvation in the 1990s. About 50 million every 5 years.

Do the math - who is evil? Hitler, or us humans with money who accept our money system? Those who died did nothing but were born without money.

This could be prevented with the amount of money the world spends on it's military every 2 days.

debating an Equal Money system is like debating whether to stop murdering children. There's no room for opinions and ego - it is a decision of whether one will be Evil - or support Life.

It's not about blame or judgment. And it's not about whether we're aware of this or not -- because we are. Those of us with money and access to the internet -- we can see what is going on. We can see the principles being lived as the basis of our systems of government, education, media, religion, family, are not taking into consideration our Oneness and our Equa…

Be Daring, Stop Delusion

Consciousness is a tool of self delusion created as a trap - in consciousness you can always dream up a pretty picture to look at and create nice pretty feelings and then say that is reality -- to not have to face what is HERE when you stop the pretty picture in your mind --- look at yourself and you'll immediately see that is correct. But are you self honest?

Yes, Self Honesty is the key to seeing what is real. In the mind, you'll notice that you do not need any principle whatsoever -- you do not need to consider another being, there are no consequences in the mind, you can eliminate all the dark and ugly stuff and just see what you want to see.
In Self Honesty, it must then be seen that the promotion and support of this type of accepted participation is extremely harmful -- because what happens when you have a bunch of middle class and wealthy people, earning enough money to be comfortable, suddenly reading about / hearing about some apparent alleged so called 'higher …