Passiveness is Action

Keeping quiet about the horrors taking place daily in this world is not being passive -- it is an action - actively accepting and allowing it. The same as seeing abuse happening next door yet not voicing what you see. At desteni, we speak up, but people get mad at us for interrupting their lives -- but shouldn't we make sure everyone has a nice life?


  1. maybe people cant imagine what could be a nice life, one without having to preocupy for getting money, this is not utopic idea, i can tell you that if one single person, like J.S Mill was able to give to woman the right to speak, then we as an entirety are able to make this for real

    people dont let your mind cheat you, ¿havent you ask yourselfs were are this reactions coming from?, ¿is this who i am?, ¿when i get anger as i have seen many others get angry with another human being, take a gun and shoot to others because they react, im that anger?


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