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Rioting Sports Fans - Following Their Bliss?

mad sports fans possessed by accepted and allowed addiction to energetic stimulation as feelings and emotions -- the human demon in action. Or are they just following their hearts? Doing what they love? Following their bliss?

Why is the ridiculous and abusive behavior of human beings allowed to continue? Because, there has been no real understanding of how to support the human being to stop being possessed. However, the tools of self support are Here as Self Honesty and Self Forgiveness - for what we each Accept and Allow within ourselves, as ourselves.

Stop the Mind as the preprogrammed demonic possession system we've accepted and allowed ourselves to become. Stand One and Equal with the Physical, Stand up for Life - create a world that is Best for All.

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Passiveness is Action

Keeping quiet about the horrors taking place daily in this world is not being passive -- it is an action - actively accepting and allowing it. The same as seeing abuse happening next door yet not voicing what you see. At desteni, we speak up, but people get mad at us for interrupting their lives -- but shouldn't we make sure everyone has a nice life?

Writing Myself to Freedom - why is it important?

Writing myself to freedom. This is where I write out my inner processes of thoughts, feelings, reactions, emotions, desires, fears, anxieties, insecurities, perceptions, judgments -- everything that I encounter within my mind as 'experiences' which 'arise', which, you could describe as 'disturbing the silence and darkness of myself here in and as the moment of breath'.

I write out my mind so that it is not 'chattering around' repeatedly in my mind, so that I can see my mind before my very eyes as distinct words written / placed in a stable and constant setting, as The Physical.

And from there, I simply look at 'who I am' as my mind, because all I need to do is read the words…fascinating how 'who I am' can be placed into words and read as a book -- and this book is always available to us, in fact we have authored it from the beginning of our lives, and are actually living it out as our script. Thus, it is easy to see that we are responsibl…

Is the Bible a Holy Book?

Is the Bible a Holy Book?

Let's look in the dictionary:

holy |ˈhōlē|
adjective ( holier , holiest )
1 dedicated or consecrated to God or a religious purpose; sacred : the Holy Bible | the holy month of Ramadan.

Yep. The Bible is most definitely 'Holy'. It's pretty obvious that the Bible is both dedicated and consecrated(dedicate formally to a religious or divine purpose) to God or a religious purpose.

But, what does this actually mean? What is 'Holiness'? According to Humanity's accepted definition, it is merely something that is dedicated to God or religion. So yes, the Bible is extremely Holy, and the followers of the Bible are Holy People! Yes! Because - they are dedicated to God, we can see that.

Isn't it funny how "Holiness" is accepted as apparently something that is "good" -- but, if we look at the definition, and indeed at the behavior of Human Beings that follow the "Holy Book", we can see there is never any at…

How Matter Free Man

How Matter Free Man

Matter - what is matter?

There are matters - events and experiences which play out physically in this reality - in matter - and these events and experiences played out physically have their origins in the accepted reality that exists within each one's mind. We are in a physical form of matter - and with our physical hands we set matter in motion, through participating with others who exist within the same physical matter - creating events and experiences forming the collectively experienced 'world reality' - according to who we are within our minds.

So, common sense - at the moment, the nature and experience of this physical reality of matter is determined by who we are within our non physical minds. And common sense when you look at it --- there is only one physical matter - one physical reality - which Human beings, Nature and the Animal kingdom all exist within equally - there is no one and nothing in this reality that exists within it's own separ…