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Let the Damned be Free

The current money system on Earth is a system of Dam-Nation. Unless you are born into a circumstance of wealth, you are automatically 'Dammed'. Wherein your Self expression and Self Development as a Human Being here on earth is placed behind a Wall that limits your Flow of Living -- wherein your entire time is spend struggling to overcome your financial limitations. And where we have become so conditioned by this 'way of existing', that we then accept any moment of temporary relief as entertainment and 'free time' as a glorious achievement, and thus try to work as hard as possible to earn as many moments of 'free time' as possible. And we've defined that as 'living'. And the existence of DEBT as the primary foundation of the current system, ensures that we get so DAMNED up debt, that our entire life will never be anything more than attempting to stay 'afloat' so our lives don't 'go under', where we must stand often on our…

MatterFreeManTV: Why have Atheists Not Changed the World?


Follow up to "Why do Atheists Seldom become World Leaders?"
Addressing the point of why Atheists do not have the favor of the majority.
Using Common Sense to show the Solution.

Why do Atheists seldom become world leaders?

Why do Atheists seldom become world leaders? Why, in spite of pointing out the delusion of living according to religious beliefs, have Atheists not come up with any solution to make this world a better place for everyone?

It should be noted that whether you are Religious or an Atheist -- both human beings still participate exactly the same way in exactly the same system --- from the perspective of doing what is required to be done within the system to survive. In the end, the different 'lifestyles' of the Religious person and the Atheist are merely taking place within the context of the same accepted world systems. The same accepted political system. The same accepted education system. The same accepted idea of life as the pursuit and preservation of a family, kids, financial stability, retirement, being a consumer, having opinions and beliefs about things. And, encompassing everything: the same accepted way of using money. The same accepted value system that defines money, wh…

American Interests in Bahrain are to KILL for. How do we stop the violence?

So why does America not intervene and stop the carnage in Bahrain? You know, the carnage where the government started shooting protesters point blank and throwing the bodies in the street. Oh and there are also accounts of the security forces then brutally beating medical workers as they try to treat the wounded. And firing upon the protestors again as they would make their way to the hospital.

Obviously this kind of behavior by the Bahrainian government is not something that would be allowed by any nation associating themselves in any way with 'Human Rights', would it? So they should simply go and put a stop to it, right?

Well, wrong actually. Because it doesn't work that way in this world. You don't simply go and put a stop to murder, torture and enslavement just because it's happening and you have the power to stop it.
Why not? Because, if you are not familiar with the way governments / countries function in relationship with each other in this world, the nature …

What does the existence of food banks reveal?

Food Banks.
Food banks are 'deposits' of food accumulated through donation. These 'food banks' are made available to people who cannot afford food.
I find it effective to look at things in a very simplistic way. For example the necessity for people to donate food through food banks, to other people who cannot afford food, reveals one simple point. The one simple point is that obviously those who cannot afford food cannot afford it because they do not have enough money. 
And how does one earn money in this system? Through some type of job, employment, providing labor or some product or service to another human being or a company or a corporation or a client.
Now the fact that there are 50 million people in America living in poverty where within their life food is an 'insecurity', where there are nearly 17 million children experiencing hunger, and the fact that food donations through 'food banks' is such a well established, 'regular' ongoing thing in …

Is Poverty Real or just a Picture?

Placing images of poverty in factual context through investigating the actual cause of the circumstance being depicted. Taking the picture out of the realm of ideas and beliefs and assumptions, bringing it down to Earth as the Physical matters of fact that are at hand as the world we are creating.

Income building with Self-development


I was an 'Ascending Being' that found Desteni

How did I find Desteni? I found Desteni in the course of browsing for videos on youtube about 'ascended masters'. I’m fairly certain the first video I watched was one about ascended masters.
The words I heard being spoken in the video were unlike any I had heard. Spoken with a specificity and clarity that I had not encountered within any material I had previously been exposed to.
I had been looking for answers, explanations as to who I am, why am I here, what am I supposed to do, what is really going on?
I was coming from a background of spirituality and new age, as these areas had provided me with stories that had for the previous couple of years kept me occupied with what I had believed to be ‘the truth’. However I had not found anything to consistently apply within my life – none of the techniques and methods presented were clear enough as to how I should apply it – and everything I involved myself with was tainted by an underlying confusion and dissatisfaction with spiri…