Re: To become perfect join Desteni I Process

"To become perfect join Desteni I Process"

As a Desteni I Process participant, I share Fidelis's endorsement of Desteni I Process as a practical tool of self support that enables you to earn an income as you perfect yourself.

Do you really enjoy getting angry?
Do you really enjoy getting sad?
Do you really enjoy being jealous?
Do you really enjoy the constant occupation with desires and fantasies?
Do you really enjoy allowing reactions, thoughts, ideas, fears to determine what you do, how you do it and what your limitations are?
Do you really enjoy suppressing yourself?
Do you really enjoy feeling powerless to make a change in this world?

In the Desteni I Process you will learn the practical tools of how to transcend the mind as a system of self limitation, and will embark on the journey of developing yourself to your fullest potential as a Responsible Earth Participant that can make a real difference in this world, and stand as an example of what a Human Being is really capable of, when equipped with the tools of Self Perfection.


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