Learn to Understand and Stop Rage with Desteni "I" Process

Throughout my life I have had moments of rage possession wherein I would break things, hit things, sometimes hurting myself in the process, and feel really bad afterward - I did not know what to do. nothing in spirituality ever helped, as I was not actually understanding the experience

When I started applying what Desteni shared - I found the tools I needed to begin understanding how I am actually creating my experience, and have been able to stop such patterns from repeating.

Join Desteni "I" Process and learn how to stand up and transcend emotional patterns, so that you can free up your time to develop your life effectively without a constant inner turmoil leading to unnecessary and regrettable events.

By the way, most anger in my life has actually been caused by frustration with finding a way to make money effectively. With Desteni "I" Process the course has been designed to enable each participant to receive a commission for simply supporting other people who enroll in the course!

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