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Saint? Pope Jean Paul Performed Miracles!!

The body of the late Pope John Paul II has been exhumed in advance of his 'Beatification'.

The late Pope's Beatification is where the Vatican will bestow upon him the title of 'Blessed' which is the last step before Sainthood.

"A 'miracle' cure
The Vatican has deemed that the otherwise inexplicable cure of a French nun, Marie Simon-Pierre Normand, who was suffering from Parkinson's disease, was due to John Paul's intercession with God to perform a miracle, thus permitting the beatification to go ahead."

If one more 'miracle' can be attributed to him after his Beatification, then he can be declared a Saint.

Fascinating how the church finds it appropriate to 'honor' the dead pope but cannot find it in themselves to honor All Life and give to All on Earth what they would like for themselves. Why? Because then the religion would have no power over o…

300 people dead is 'beyond anything' the President has 'ever seen'

"President Barack Obama toured rubble-strewn Tuscaloosa neighborhoods on Friday, declaring the devastation brought by a series of powerful storms and tornadoes was beyond anything he had ever seen. The storms killed nearly 300 people and left entire neighborhoods in ruins. Obama promised expedited federal aid to states affected by the storms."  FULL STORY HERE:
Fascinating. Apparently this devastation which included just 300 people dead is 'beyond anything' the President has 'ever seen'.  Really? What about the thousands dead in the Iraq war? What about the millions dead from hunger each year? Yes, MILLIONS. What about HALF THE WORLD in poverty? That's BILLIONS. What about the devastation of nature at the hands of our current consumer system? What about the devastation of animals also at the hands of our current consumer system? What about the devastation of countless souls apparently doomed t…

Learn to Understand and Stop Rage with Desteni "I" Process

Throughout my life I have had moments of rage possession wherein I would break things, hit things, sometimes hurting myself in the process, and feel really bad afterward - I did not know what to do. nothing in spirituality ever helped, as I was not actually understanding the experience

When I started applying what Desteni shared - I found the tools I needed to begin understanding how I am actually creating my experience, and have been able to stop such patterns from repeating.

Join Desteni "I" Process and learn how to stand up and transcend emotional patterns, so that you can free up your time to develop your life effectively without a constant inner turmoil leading to unnecessary and regrettable events.

By the way, most anger in my life has actually been caused by frustration with finding a way to make money effectively. With Desteni "I" Process the course has been designed to enable each participant to receive a commission for simply supporting other people who e…

TRUE DATE OF THE RAPTURE DISCOVERED!!! after 70 years research!!!!

"(Harold)Camping, 88, has scrutinized the Bible for almost 70 years and says he has developed a mathematical system to interpret prophecies hidden within the Good Book. One night a few years ago, Camping, a civil engineer by trade, crunched the numbers and was stunned at what he'd found: The world will end May 21, 2011."
read full article here:

This clearly indicates an extensive level of brainwashing of the Human Being through Religion. Wherein the Human becomes completely obsessed and possessed to compulsively study the bible and find any hints as to when and where some great event will take place, so that they know that if they just follow the rules, they can be certain that they will ascend into heaven apparently, at such time said 'great event' would take place.

The obvious neglect of life, neglect of what is in fact RELEVANT, when looking at such a use of one'…

Education, Productivity, GDP and why Equal Money makes sense

"Fourth graders in 10 of 45 educational jurisdictions around the world who were tested in 2006 scored significantly higher in reading literacy than their counterparts in the United States, including children in Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, parts of Canada, and Hungary. The number of countries that outperform the United States in reading is growing.
The education achievement gap leads to a productivity gap between the United States and other countries. Mckinsey and Company estimates that if U.S students had met the educational achievement levels of higher-performing nations between 1983 and 1998, America's GDP in 2008 could have been $1.3 trillion to $2.3 trillion higher.
In that sense, the education gap has "created the equivalent of a permanent, deep recession in terms of the gap between actual and potential output in the economy.", Mckinsey asserts.
U.S Secretary of Education Arne Duncan puts it this way: "We have to educate our way to a better economy"…

Gas $4 dollars or more in 6 states - free country? alternative energy? free choice?

People like to see themselves as 'free', and living in a 'free country'. This is quite funny because I was just reading this blog stating that the price of gas is $4 dollars or MORE in 6 states.

I remember years ago when gas was, at the time, 'only' around $1.65 a gallon, and there was talk of the price of a gallon potentially going up to $3 dollars. And at the time I said "man, if that happens I'm not going to buy gas, $3 dollars is waaay too expensive!". Funny because at the time I perceived I was actually 'free' to not buy gas if I 'didn't want to.

Well, as it turns out, now the average gas price in the United States is well over $3 dollars a gallon and I don't hesitate to buy it, because I have to, because my car needs gas, and I need to drive around in my car to get places.

Thus time and time again the system proves that human beings do not have a choice about these things - at least not if you want to remain a fully fun…

George Carlin message


Self Forgiveness on my past with education. Perspective on creating a New Humanity with Desteni I Process.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define people who have attended many years of school as being ‘superior to me’, because I experienced school to be ‘too difficult’, and thus gave up, and then defined myself as inferior in ability to those who did not drop out or fail their classes. Thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself as ‘a failure’ when I experienced difficulty in school and dropped out, and then within this defined those who remained in school and earned degrees to be ‘superior’ as ‘something that I was not able to achieve’ and thus judged myself to be inferior to them.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself as a failure, instead of realizing that it was not that I was ‘a failure’, or that I as who I am was ‘inferior’ – it was that I did not have the tools to assist and support myself to not react and create ideas and beliefs about myself, when I encountered difficulty in school, …

Manifest all the goodies in life with Law of Attraction?

I used to use Law of Attraction. For a while my favorite book was 'Ask and it is Given' by Abraham-Hicks. Since I began my studies and Self Application with the Desteni Material back in 2008, I have developed the ability to see things with Common Sense, as they are, through peeling back the veils and layers of the Mind as Consciousness to no longer have my consideration be influenced or conditioned by past knowledge, beliefs or ideas.

The Desteni 'I' Process facilitates the development of Direct Realization and Seeing of what is going on, through having having access to the Tools to Investigate things effectively to come to a point of absolute clarity and Universal Understanding about something, without needing to interpret or form opinions, beliefs or assumptions.

Desteni 'I' Process facilitates the shift from Consciousness as the Program to Awareness as a 'Living Seeing'.

In relation to the 'Law of Attraction', with an Equal Money System …

Work From Home With Desteni I Process

Earn an income, generate money, work at home, earn money on the internet, paid study course, home business, self improvement, self realization, self expansion, achieve financial stability

Re: To become perfect join Desteni I Process

"To become perfect join Desteni I Process"

As a Desteni I Process participant, I share Fidelis's endorsement of Desteni I Process as a practical tool of self support that enables you to earn an income as you perfect yourself.

Do you really enjoy getting angry?
Do you really enjoy getting sad?
Do you really enjoy being jealous?
Do you really enjoy the constant occupation with desires and fantasies?
Do you really enjoy allowing reactions, thoughts, ideas, fears to determine what you do, how you do it and what your limitations are?
Do you really enjoy suppressing yourself?
Do you really enjoy feeling powerless to make a change in this world?

In the Desteni I Process you will learn the practical tools of how to transcend the mind as a system of self limitation, and will embark on the journey of developing yourself to your fullest potential as a Responsible Earth Participant that can make a real dif…

Man gets 23 years for robbing lottery winner

"A 35-year-old suburban Chicago man who targeted and shot an Illinois Lottery winner has been sentenced to 23 years in prison."

"Robert English pleaded guilty Friday to attempted murder and home invasion in the September 2009 robbery at a Rolling Meadows home."
Story here:

Two men have been charged with shooting man they robbed because, as a lottery winner, they thought he'd have money in his house.

The victim said he had known one of the robbers for years and now has difficulty trusting people.

Yes, how can human beings trust each other when the desire and need for money drives people daily to harm each other? And you never know how possessed someone has become, or how great their need is until they are there in your house shooting you in the hope of snatching up your lottery winnings.

The lottery is an obvious indication of a system that is not based on support. A system of winning and losing. …

My Past Life as a Starseed - Chapter 1

YouTube - My Past Life as a Starseed - Chapter 1: ""My Past Life as a Starseed, here on Earth. Chapter 1.

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