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Capitalism and Real Starving Artists

With an Equal Money system no one is forced to find 'creative ways' of surviving, as it is COMMON SENSE that ALL survival needs MUST be fulfilled AT ALL TIMES AUTOMATICALLY because anything LESS IS UNACCEPTABLE -- that way REAL CREATIVITY is able to be developed where - GASP! - what you do does not have to be INFLUENCED BY MONEY!
I understand it takes a great stretch of the imagination to consider a world where you do not have to worry about money -- but I challenge you to challenge yourself to discover the awesome insight one is able to access with the application of SIMPLE COMMON SENSE. Enjoy.

Capitalism Sparks Creativity

Capitalism sparks creativity?

In Capitalism you require MONEY as the spark of life as it has been accepted by everyone in this world -- without MONEY the only creativity you will be pursuing is creative ways of how to get money to survive -- so, yes I suppose you could say Capitalism sparks creative ways of committing crimes to get money to survive and exist in this world.

With an Equal Money System you will never have to worry about getting money - and will have the support required to develop your real creativity as a being without basing your creativity on how to make a profit or impress others so they will give you their money. Investigate creativity in the current system and you will find it is always influenced by money.

Capitalism Invented Poor Quality Products

From the comments:

"I firmly disagree. Capitalism sparks creativity. But its nice that we can disagree because in a communist society you would be put to death."

"what creativity does starvation spark in a person? because in case you didn't notice, starvation exist because people don't have money

the capitalist attitude is programmed into you by those who themselves were raised as products of an unequal system

you thus accept it as 'normal' for inequality to exist

with an Equal system - all have an equal starting point platform of support to develop creativity that is not motivated by profit or survival

time to get some common sense"

Sikh Seeking Justice distracts from Real Rights Violations

"California sued over requiring Sikh inmate to cut beard"

"CNN) -- The U.S. Justice Department is suing the state of California and Gov. Jerry Brown because prison authorities required a Sikh prison inmate to cut his beard."

..."It said that the requirement violated the man's right "to practice his religion" under the federal Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLIUPA)."

..."The Justice Department said the suit followed a probe "that revealed that California's inmate grooming policy substantially burdens the rights of an inmate to practice his Sikh faith."

Full story here:


In investigating this story we can see how 'rights' in this world have been defined not according to Common Sense, but according to what assists and supports human beings to remain within the current accepted value systems of this world, so tha…

I'm a Jealous Lover


Live a Life of Eternal Relevance

People want to 'matter'. People want to be relevant.
People do not want to be ostracized, or banned by the group.
The way to make sure your life, and your actions are always leading the way in relevance, and are always setting the highest example for others, is simple:
Take responsibility for what is relevant. Become that which is relevant. The most relevant thing in Existence is always to identify and do what is best for All - to stand eternally within and as this Principle, to do what is best for all, in All ways. This is the highest level of integrity and quality of character possible in Existence.
When we All stand together as this same, Equal Principle of doing what is best for all, where we all honor each other as Life Equally -- no one will be ostracized, everyone will be Equally relevant, Everyone's life will be of equal significance and impact. Everyone will matter to each other.
When this is what you stand as, and live as in all ways, always identifying and doin…

Opening doors in America unsafe

"A Virginia middle school is standing by its decision after some parents said it went too far when it suspended a student for opening a door for a visitor – an action administrators say violated the school district’s strict security policy. Southampton Middle School in Courtland, Va., issued a one-day suspension to the student last week after he allowed a woman into the school by opening an exterior door. The school district recently implemented a $10,800 security system that requires all visitors to ring a buzzer and appear on an outside camera before entry into the building. Students are not permitted at any time to open doors for outside visitors.
Read more: -------- Signs of the Times of a world where humanity fear each other --- what is feared?  Robbery and violence. Money and Mind Possession. 
Robbery will not be stopped until we have Equality in Money and Equality…

The CON of 'ethical' bottled water


This is a brand of bottled water called 'Ethos', that says it is 'helping children get clean water' by donating
FIVE CENTS from each $1.80 sale of a bottle of 'Ethos' water. With the 'goal' of eventually raising $10 million to 'help' children get clean water.

'Ethos' water has been exposed here :  as just another brand designed to manipulate human beings through presenting itself as 'ethical' so people will buy it. To date 'Ethos' water has made over $100,000,000 in profits, and raised just over $6 million to 'help children get clean water'.

Obviously not a solution that provides any support whatsoever for children in this world -- as, regardless of what the brand has apparently 'achieved' in 'helping' a small amount of children 'get clean water' -- the brand is actually assisting and supporting and helping Capitalism to flourish, which…

Natural Disasters and Humanity's Addiction to God

Whenever a large scale 'natural disaster' occurs somewhere in the world -- all of a sudden the television and newspapers and internet is saturated with videos, reports, blog posts, vlogs, and pleas for prayers and donations to 'help the unfortunate victims' of the earthquake or tsunami or wild fire or tornado or hurricane or mudslide that creates a 'big scene' of homes and cars being destroyed and the the landscape / cityscape being dramatically changed or destroyed. Everyone's attention and conversation is for a moment directed to / focused on the 'big event' -- where, all over the world, people will be placing their attention on the same 'event' where maybe a few, or a few hundred, or a few thousand people died, and talking about how 'horrible' and 'unfortunate' the 'natural disaster was'. Fascinating how something like 'natural disasters' so easily grab people's attention and generate so much 'sympath…

Promise of Rebirth Ends with Death in Sweat-Lodge Ceremony

"Camp Verde, Arizona (CNN) -- Jurors in the trial of self-help guru and speaker James Ray, accused of three counts of manslaughter in a 2009 Arizona sweat lodge ceremony, heard a recording Wednesday in which he previewed the intense ceremony and told participants how it would be a "death and rebirth experience."
Before the October 2009 ceremony at a retreat center near Sedona, Ray told participants it would include the most "intense heat you've every experienced in your life. You will feel like you are going to die."
The author described the ceremony as a sacred way for participants to rid themselves of "all the things that you've allowed to be your truth and have caused you to sell yourself short."
He promised each would emerge as a "different person.""


Equal Money and Slumdog Millionaires

"'Slumdog Millionaire' star Rubina Ali's family home has reportedly been destroyed by a fire. reports that Ali, 12, and her family have been left homeless after a fire blazed through the slums of Mumbai on Friday night. The fire left 21 people injured and more than 2,000 homeless.

Ali, who played the young Latika in the movie, is quoted saying, "We all were at home watching TV when a neighbor came to alert us about the fire. We all rushed out. We spent the entire night at the railway station. So far nobody has come to help us."

Ali goes on, "I have lost everything, including books and precious belongings like awards, photographs, newspaper clippings and memorabilia from the success of the film."


So what do we have here? Another event showing us the self deception in allowing ourselves to obsess over projected fantasies of 'rags to riche…

Capitalism Manufactures Criminals: Equal Money Ends Crime.

"A central Georgia couple has pleaded guilty to having their 14-year-old daughter engage in sex with a man so that they would not have to make monthly payments on their secondhand minivan."
Full article:

 Why did this happen? The parents wanted the quickest, shortest way to have a car without making payments. And, being human beings, the parents come from a long line of other human beings that have for generations accepted a 'way of life' of self interest, where the world / the system has been shaped according to the human beings sole consideration of only its self interest, wherein money was created as / is actually required to exist as an object of 'value' unto itself as a 'resource' - the 'prime resource' which gives you access to all other resources of 'living', which one must 'earn' or 'get' through participating in the '…

The Church Supports Inequality, Allows Murder


"ARLINGTON, Texas – A convicted felon was arrested Saturday and faces a capital murder charge in the slaying of a pastor at his Texas church in an apparent robbery, police said."

So, obviously god's 'system', and 'god's house' (the church) is completely ineffective in the prevention of murder and theft - in spite of the 'ten commandments' and 'the bible' which for some reason billions of people believe is 'all we need' to stop abuse in this world, and that the 'only reason' crime and murder exists is because people 'aren't following god'.
The religious system is a joke as it claims 'goodness' yet accepts and allows an unequal money system that results in the division of humanity into various degrees of 'lack' and 'need' and 'want' - where billions are 'left wanting' what others have and resort to the…

Equal Money is Heaven

Everyone wants Heaven. The problem is no one is being Self Honest about what Heaven actually is.

Why do people want to be billionaires 'so frickin' bad'?

Why do people want to win the Lottery?

Why do people walk into gas stations and buy scratch tickets?

Or indeed, why do people want to go to the Biblical Heaven?

Why are people willing to work so hard, spending years working their way up a 'corporate ladder'?

It's so simple -- In essence all people want is to have enough money to buy things to enhance their experience.

Now, currently the picture / fantasy of an 'enhanced life experience' in relation to homes, cars, clothes, technology, etc, existent within people's minds is heavily characterized by the desire to attain to, or 'gain access to' an 'elite status' -- not only in terms of having enough money to buy anything you need and want, but also in terms of being seen and perceived by others as being 'more important' - as ha…