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Toddler Raped at SeaWorld


Here is a report of a 26 year old man who raped a 2 year old toddler, when the parents of the child asked the man to watch the child while they went on a ride.

This is an example of the kind of behavior that manifests in this world as a result of human beings becoming completely consumed with their inner, mental reality which is constantly built upon / fueled through continually participating in thoughts, beliefs, fantasies, imagination through which one generates emotions and feelings specific to the information that one is taking in and using to construct ones mental reality / self definitions / personality / perception of others -- where 'who you are' in essence is nothing but a  mind-entity with the ability to work itself into states of absolute possession with for instance, sexual desire to the point where it takes over completely and then a 2 year old gets raped.

As long as we believe it is our 'right&…

Self Interest, Separation and Capitalism

An Equal Money System, in removing capitalism and establishing a new way of life with a system that is best for All, within which we are all standing at an equal 'level of life' within the system, will enable each to begin facing the truth of themselves and the reality of our responsibility which we neglected when we were too 'busy' being consumers and designing our lives of self interest, to give attention to the real matters at hand in this world as the suffering endured by countless beings as the consequence of our accepted and allowed separation from ourselves as all as one as equal -- which we all allowed and never really questioned because we valued our own self interest instead of valuing all Life as Ourselves, and believed we had the 'right' to consider only ourselves, and accepted the media's / consumerism's portrayal of 'life' as a 'pursuit of lifestyle' -- when it is obvious that this 'right' is just make believe desi…

Drunk driving FBI agent kills teen


Here a 37 year old FBI agent is in the process of being charged for killing an 18 year old teen while driving drunk.

Why did this happen?

In the big picture we can see that the real reason is that within our current accepted 'way of life' as participants within capitalism - which is where one capitalizes on / profits from another's need, want or desire - a system of exploitation basically, alcohol is accepted as a 'normal' part of life and we believe we should have the 'freedom' to get drunk. But then we complain when people get drunk and kill people.

If we were really concerned with stopping unnecessary deaths, we would insist that alcohol be abolished -- because that would be best for All. We can thus see that our individual starting points of accepting and allowing alcohol as a 'normal part of life', are reflected back to us in the starting …

Equal Money Ends Crime

It is important to look at the amount of resources / time / money in this world is spend on 'fighting crime' - when the actual cause of the crime is the money system itself. This shows how within our current economic system we are trapped in endless abuse, endless conflict - and how any proposed 'solution' to crime that has heretofore been presented, is merely a strategy to maintain as much 'order' as possible while still remaining within the parameters of accepting and defining the current economic system and the 'fight for survival' as 'normal' -- where this never even enters into the consideration of those who are supposed to be 'leading' our world and doing what is 'best for the society'.
What is obvious is that inequality is NOT best for the society, and only causes dysfunction in the behavior of human beings.
With an Equality System -- where ones basic needs, effective education, technology, 'creature comforts', medic…

3 young children die in georgia meth-lab


Here 3 young children, ranging in age from 18 months to 4 years died from the injuries they sustained when chemicals used to make methamphetamine ignited in their home.

"Investigators  found nearly $200,000 and several pounds of liquid and finished methamphetamine".

The children's mother and another man have been charged with drug trafficking and murder.

Events similar to this take place frequently within our current economic system. And what is the cause?
The people who make the drug do it because they can make money doing it. And why do they resort to the dangerous process of manufacturing methamphetamine in their house? Is is because they chose to? Is it because making and selling drugs is the highest experience of life they could imagine for themselves, and they are simply using their so-called 'free choice' within our so-called 'free society' to 'choose' to live that …

Alcohol, Capitalism, and Equal Money.

Here I am evaluating the relationship of alcohol with the individual as a participant within the current economic system.
Why does alcohol exist in this world? Why is it widely legal and available while something like marijuana is widely illegal? It does nothing but cause problems. But in the current system where everyone is consumed by the stress of worrying about money constantly, alcohol is provided as the anesthetic to numb you sufficiently after a day of work which has been defined as 'relaxing' - when in fact it is not that you are actually relaxed, it is merely a moment of escape, of hiding from the inevitable stress you must return to. It is merely a way to cope with a system that everyone actually knows is abusive, but which is a point that most refuse to face. The 'numbing' nature of alcohol, and the fact that it is available to anyone as long as they have reached the legal age, sets the stage for all sorts of abuse and accidents to occur, as there is obviousl…