Day 342: Giving Self The Thrill of Living

Do you find that there is a particular Energy / Mind addiction or habit that you struggle to give up / let go of? Would you say that the reason you like your addiction so much, is because it adds a 'Thrill' to your otherwise 'boring life'?

Recently I had been investigating the question of 'Why Am I'? Within the point of being tempted to go back into old habits to stimulate myself / occupy myself with energy experiences in the mind, which had been coming up with not currently being in a partnership / relationship and so having a lot of 'alone time' with myself.

One of the words that I found within asking myself what is it that I am wanting / enjoying actually within this energy? And the word 'Thrill' / 'Thrilling' emerged. This was cool because it opened up the realization that I can now explore giving myself this word - living the word 'Thrill' as a self expression in my daily life / process.

So I looked at where / how am I not living fully in each moment? In what ways am I holding myself back and settling for a 'lesser' version of myself - and in that, creating a sense of something being 'missing'? A sense of 'boredom' in moments? In what ways can I push my limits within my daily available time, to FULL-FILL myself through Self Expression?

There is a Thrillingness - a pleasure, a Self-Excitement that comes with living each day like a mini-life; pushing to become more effective, learn new things, Move Self to write, to share, to investigate, to develop solutions, to decide to work more on Self-Creative projects instead of moping / numbing / thinking about the past / thinking about other people / wasting time - being Idle.

So, for me, changing my definition of the word Thrill to something that supports my Utmost Potential and assists with stopping mind-habits would be:

The Excitement and Pleasure of Self that comes with pushing myself to live on the cutting edge of Self Expression. I push through fears, resistances, comfort zones to find the point of my Utmost Expressive Potential in Every Moment of Breath.

I've already been practicing living this word, and I've found that since It's now clearly defined within me, it's much easier to move myself to creative, self expressive actions in moments rather than seeking out mental stimulation. That's the key with living words that I've been experiencing: when defined effectively, and specific to my individual points of change that I'm facing, I give myself the structure to immediately stand up within a pattern / a reaction, and align myself to the supportive word that fits the moment.

More words to come...

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Day 341: Eqafe Review - Body Language: Suppression When Holding Your Thumbs

Review of the Eqafe interview: 
Gorilla Style - Body Language

Sharing my personal experience with the body language point of holding one's thumb inside a fist and how this indicates suppression of Self, and what I've experienced within changing myself in such moments.

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Day 340: Considering My Unique Strengths and Weaknesses when Redefining Words

Do you struggle with redefining words? For me, the key to more effectively redefining words in a way I can actually apply in daily living, was realizing that words need to be specific to my unique strengths and weaknesses, instead of being too general or idealized.

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Day 339: Body Insecurity 2 - What Purpose Have You Given Your Body?

Part 2, sharing more about my process of changing my relationship with my body from that of a symbol, to that of a vehicle for my Genuine Self Expression.

Have you defined what purpose your body has?

Do you see your body as a way to achieve some goal of having a positive experience for yourself such as 'I am attractive', 'I am sexy', 'I am beautiful', 'I am fashionable'?

Are you obsessed about wishing / wanting to change your appearance so that you can 'get' these positive experiences? Is that the real purpose of having a body?

The key to stopping body insecurity is to look at what Experiences you are holding onto as wants and desires, that you "want your appearance to give you", and give those wants up, to make space for being able to embrace yourself within your body and Honor your body as a gift to support your Genuine Self Expression.

Learn amazing life skills to support with living your utmost potential:

Day 338: Body Insecurity 1 - The Body as a Symbol

Part one of a vlog series on my experience with transforming my relationship with my physical body from that of a symbol shaped by social and media programming, to that of the body being a vehicle for my genuine self expression.

Are you insecure about your body? Stay tuned as I share how I am supporting myself to change myself within the point of body insecurity.

Day 337: How Dogs Assisted Me to Expand my Self Expression

Sharing about how spending time with dogs during a particular period living with friends in South Africa assisted me to expand my self expression.

Are you uncomfortable around dogs? Are you afraid to get dirty, or 'let down your guard'?

What kind of programming can dogs assist you to see in yourself?

Day 336: Genuine Self Expression vs. Social Survival

Sharing my realization of how, when those little moments come up where I'll worry what others might think about me / how they might judge me - I'm not standing within my Genuine Self Expression.

Where in your own life do you see yourself accessing the fear of not being socially accepted / worrying what others might think about you? What words can you re-define in a way that supports you to develop your Genuine Self Expression?

I'll be sharing more posts giving perspective on my process with changing myself from interacting with others through personalities / copied behavior and expressions, to developing my natural, genuine self expression which is still something I'm substantiating myself as in my daily living and interaction with others.

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