Day 359: Addictive behaviors as an indicator of suppressed and underdeveloped self expression

Do you tend to fall into addictive behaviors and experiences as a way to get a momentary escape or thrill or experience of something MORE in order to cope with the things about yourself and your life that you are not satisfied with or feel that you are a victim of but don't know how to change?

In this Hacking Freedom radio episode I am sharing my experience with this point and how I realized that my tendency to go into addictive behaviors and habits in moments of boredom, monotony, and dissatisfaction is indicating that I need to find and develop more ways to give my creative energy expression rather than suppressing my creativity through a momentary buzz of stimulation.

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Day 358: Using writing to strengthen my weaknesses and give myself structure

Sharing a moment of self reflection and writing from this evening, in relation to how I use self questioning in writing to identify how to strengthen my weaknesses so I can move forward with creating myself in a way I am satisfied with.

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Reptilians - Purifying Words - Part 50

Day 357: DIP Tip: Pushing through resistance to finally resolve the past

Sometimes I really resist a DIP assignment because I experience it as being 'not relevant to me anymore', but - where I recognize that I haven't 100% cleared the point that the assignment is dealing with and so I do see that this experience is a justification / postponement.

When I see these points I push myself to investigate different words and memories until I finally break through with identifying the specific memory to work with, and walk through it in writing and see dimensions of myself / a reaction pattern that I had not yet seen before where, I see so specifically my point of Self Responsibility and Self Honesty in how I contributed to creating a certain event in the past - that I'm finally able to Resolve this past event within myself because I finally see how to move forward with self forgiveness and Solutions in redefining how I will now approach such moments in the future - where, the memory no longer exists as a lingering emotional charge that pops up fr…

Communication Hack: Putting a Guard in Front of Your Mouth

One of the primary functions of Self Honesty is checking what you are experiencing in yourself as you are placing words in Reality - whether spoken or written - to determine whether you are possessed by a compulsion like spite, blame, reactions, judgments, righteousness, ego --- so you can then stop and take self responsibility to place a guard in front of your mouth and work on yourself until you are able to place Words in Awareness without creating unnecessary consequences for yourself and others.
The concept of 'putting a guard in front of your mouth' originates from the Bible, as I understand it. Some years ago I heard this concept placed in the context of what these words would imply in relation to Self Responsibility. I think it was Bernard Poolman who first placed it in such context.

I placed the 'Guard' principle in my own words according to how I've experienced and applied this point of Self Honesty and Self Responsibility for myself in relation to the…

Hacking Anger: Understanding the Anchor of Anger

Why is Anger such a difficult emotion to get a grip on and really get to a point of personal change with, especially in those 'particular situations' in which we feel so strongly that our Anger is justified and 'the only possible response'?

"The Anchor of Anger" is how I would describe the way I've come to understand anger as it relates to my personal experiences with this emotion.

Anger has been one of the most difficult points of change for me, and I've found that the 'big anger' always starts with the accumulation of 'little moments' of anger. And so it's important to develop the awareness of what kind of pattern we are accessing in those little moments, because the change within anger starts with taking responsibility for those underlying ideas, beliefs, opinions, justifications, expectations, judgments, that we are Accepting and Allowing to Define ourselves in those little, seemingly 'small' situations.

The body can o…

Hacking Relationships: Humbleness within Hearing Another's Input, Suggestions, and Criticism

Don’t assume a person’s words are “not valid” just because they are “less qualified”, or “less experienced” than you.  You don’t have anything to lose by unconditionally considering and testing their input, suggestions, and perspectives.   We don’t always see every dimension of an issue ourselves and we’re not always as experienced as we think we are. As I was typing out the words for this image it flowed very easily, like I'm stating something so obvious. But I have to say LOL because it took me quite a journey to arrive at the above words. I've had to face many moments of consequence in the form of reacting to the input of another, judging them, dismissing them, going into righteousness or superiority or some such Ego point. Each time this has happened and I later reflected on the moment, I would find that I was holding onto some Definition of myself in relation to how I do something, or what I believe is the most effective way, etc. Granted yes - sometimes we do see the…