Desteni Life Hack: Why do we react to problems?

Why do we as people tend to react to problems where 'standing up' for something gets turned into a conflict, fight, finger pointing, spitefulness, and even violence?

I've found that when I react to a problem it's because I don't yet fully see and understand the true nature of the problem or the solution - but I've latched onto what I believe the ONLY solution is to what I believe is the ONLY problem - and then when others don't comply with 'my solution' - I feel powerless because I'm unable to implement what I believe is the ONLY solution to the ONLY problem.

So what I find effective in relation to such situations where I recognize this kind of reaction is happening in me, is to remind myself - hey, there's simply more to this problem, and to the solution, than I believe or perceive there is. How can I assist and support myself to better understand more dimensions of this problem? How can I assist and support myself to become more Equal to …

Day 356: How I Find the Extra in the Ordinary

Sometimes I'll notice myself getting 'locked into' the desire to complete a certain task 'the way I want', believing that 'this is what I need to do, this is all that matters right now'. Then when the point doesn't go the way I want or believe it should, I get frustrated.

 Here I share how in such moments sometimes the best solution is to drop the idea that 'this is so important', and embrace a completely different, 'ordinary' activity instead.

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Interactive Insect Encounters

Never seen a cockroach with this kind of pattern before!

Interesting the way insect encounters support with taking a moment to appreciate my physical environment, where for a moment my focus is completely in looking at this insect.

Interesting also how insects have these elaborate patterns. Which brings me to the point of how sometimes I'll feel the brush or wing of an insect to which I'll react with a bit of a jolt of adrenaline and "ahh what the F was that??"

Perhaps they are reminding us to take a self honest look at the question of:

"Hey, what elaborate pattern was I busy being directed by in my mind when I was shocked into awareness with an unexpected insect appearance?"

Fascinatingly I've noticed such moments become less shocking over the years as I've become more physically grounded through applying and living the principles we share at Desteni. So shoutout to bugs and insects for assisting with providing feedback I can use to evaluate who …

Day 355: My Body Type and the Movement of Energy Within Me - Eqafe Review

This blog is a review of the Eqafe series on the Consciousness of the Spider Monkey, which you can find here:

I'd like to share my experience in relation to a point discussed by the Spider Monkey regarding the way in which a person's physical body type and mass can, to an extent, determine how the energies of being, mind, and emotions move inside the body.

I could very much relate to the description of how beings in thinner body types with less physical mass tend to be somewhat naturally less physically grounded, and more likely to shift and adapt personalities very quickly. Essentially the point being that energies are typically moving and processing very quickly in such body types, whereas with a more solid, substantial body type and bone structure, energies tend to process more slowly and the being tends to naturally be more grounded and stable within t…

Day 354: Living Decisions Fully while Immersed in the Current Moment

Something I've been enjoying recently in my day to day life is the application of really LIVING even small, ordinary decisions. A few days ago I was in my car, driving to the beach for a swim, and I became aware of how even as I was here in my car, driving, on the road, having made the decision to go for a swim - there was a quite subtle undercurrent of energy, of stress -- like an ever so slight feeling of 'unrest'. I noticed that this was connected to me actually holding onto this projection of wanting to figure out / know / experience that 'what I'm doing now' is the 'right choice' in the context of the principle of living my utmost potential in a day. So, like in a way looking at what I'm doing from 'outside of myself' - as if I'm standing 'above my day' looking down at all these choices I'm making, and attempting to 'fit them together' to see if they are all 'best' -- within this actually seeking / wanti…

Day 353: Living Equality in Daily Life - Part 4

Self Commitment Statements in continuation of:
Day 352: Living Equality in Daily Life - Part 3 

When and as I see myself comparing myself within judgment to another's 'different way of being, doing, and approaching things' within a personal relationship, I commit myself to identify and forgive whatever way or ways I am seeing me and my way and how I am as being superior / better / more than, and to realize that developing effective support, balance, communication, sharing, and stability with another isn't about 'getting another to be like me', but comes through walking with another and their differences, embracing them without judgment, so that I may get to know them in depth, to be able to clearly see where and how I can support them, without being influenced by the self interest of wanting to change another

When and as I begin a personal relationship with another, I commit myself to focus on myself first in terms of sharing what I see my own strengths and wea…

Day 352: Living Equality in Daily Life - Part 3

Continuing from Day 351: Living Equality in Daily Life - Part 2

The key here in terms of the word Equality, is that I realized that I was wanting my partner to do things the way I do things, because 'since it worked for me, then it will work for you'. But within this what I did not take into account is that hey - my partner is NOT ME. My partner is DIFFERENT! They are a different person, with a different background, different mind, different temperament, different expression, different skills, different strengths and weaknesses, and they have a different relationship with themselves which - I do not fully see and understand.
I realized that I was wanting my partner to 'be equal to me' -- instead of learning to live as an equal with my partner, accepting that they are different, and that what works for me might not work for them at all, and that I need to take responsibility to be patient and get to know my partner better as a being -- and that to do this, I can't …