Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Day 290: Taking Education Reform a Step Further

I read this article today:
Goodbye, math and history: Finland wants to abandon teaching subjects at school 
Finland already has one of the best school education systems. It always ranks near the top in mathematics, reading, and science in the prestigious PISA rankings (the 2012 list, pdf) by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Teachers in other countries flock to its schools to learn from a country that is routinely praised as just a really, really wonderful place to live. 
But the country is not resting on its laurels. Finland is considering its most radical overhaul of basic education yet—abandoning teaching by subject for teaching by phenomenon. Traditional lessons such as English Literature and Physics are already being phased out among 16-year-olds in schools in Helsinki.
Instead, the Finns are teaching phenomena—such as the European Union, which encompasses learning languages, history, politics, and geography. No more of an hour of history followed by an hour of chemistry. The idea aims to eliminate one of the biggest gripes of students everywhere: “What is the point of learning this?” Now, each subject is anchored to the reason for learning it. http://qz.com/367487/goodbye-math-and-history-finland-wants-to-abandon-teaching-subjects-at-school
This sounds like practical idea. It makes more sense to design curriculum to facilitate an understanding of the inter-relationships of subjects in the context of the world, rather than to just learn about a subject in isolation. For instance in middle school and high school I remember classes basically being compartmentalized their individual subjects, separate from each other.

Though I would say what is still missing in the way we look at our approach to education is the question of, what kind of world are we training our children to accept? What principles are we training our children to live by?

No matter how effective in math, or in reading, or in understanding politics or geography or science you are, there still remains the question of, as a human being, how do you define your purpose and responsibility in relation to humanity and life on Earth as a whole? What value do you place as the driving principle behind your decision making? What values are the most practical to stick to, that will support decision making, problem solving, critical thinking, laws, and government aligned toward implementing solutions for enhancing and supporting an excellent quality of life for All?

Imagine you'd been asked these kinds of questions from a young age. Imagine if from a young age, you'd been shown how your life, your family, your education, your future, is going to impact not just you, but all life on Earth, through what you decide you will accept and allow to exist on Earth and thus what will become the basis of your goals and expression in life?

I mean what happens when you're taught that the world around you only impacts you from a perspective of giving you opportunities to find ways of being happy and taking care of only your own life, and you are not seeing the context of the wider consequences of your individual acceptances and allowances? For example not seeing how the consequence of millions of people individually seeing their own lives as more important than others, has the result of everyone accepting an economic system that places individual profit as more important than providing a dignified life for everyone, because everyone is too busy enriching their own lives instead of working together, standing together and coming up with solutions that will benefit everyone.

Suggested reading is the Teacher's Journey to Life blog, which approaches education from a starting point of practical, progressive solutions to support the development of children to reach their full potential as a responsible, practical, self honest human being:

Monday, March 23, 2015

Day 289: Parenting Questions and the Destiny of Family

Sitting in a restaurant today, a family sat down in the booth behind me. I had my back turned to them but I could hear a mother, a father, and two young boys. From what I could tell the boys were around 4 or 5, and there was also a young girl. The parents sounded like they were maybe in their early thirties. The two boys were from the get-go as the family sat down, what we would typically describe as 'rowdy', like asking lots of questions and climbing around and repeating words and sentences. The mother kept saying things like 'NO, don't go over there!' 'Come back here!' 'Sit down!' 'Stop doing that!' 'Knock it off!' And as she was speaking I could hear her teeth clenching and you could hear the frustration in her voice - you could hear the reactions of impatience and anger as the boys were obviously 'behaving' in a way that she didn't want - she was having a hard time 'controlling them'. So, the father returned to the table with food, and there commenced more 'rowdy' behavior, with both parents repeating commands like 'Knock it off!', 'You're 4 years old, why don't you act like it', 'Act normal!', and 'Shut the hell up!' There were also repeated threats of 'If you don't stop then let's just leave', and 'Okay we're leaving!' And the boys would say 'no', and then the father would say 'Then knock it off!' At one point the father smacked one of the boys, attempting to get him to 'Knock it off!' and sit still and eat his food. The boy started crying obviously, and telling the father that 'he hurt him'.

So here we have a scene which we can all agree is rather disturbing. I mean what's obviously happening here is that the parents are reacting to the children, and the reactions are being acted out, and this acting out of reactions is functioning as a method of shaping the child's behavior. We've all seen it or experienced it in some form or other in our own lives, and we all know that at this very moment, such situations are playing out in the lives of millions of people around the world.

Obviously most of us would agree that if we could prevent such abusive behavior, we would, wouldn't we? I mean if given the choice to continue with having your reactions direct how you interact with your child, or being given a way to understand why your child acts the way they do, and be able to support them and give them direction in a practical way, without having to use threats and violence, wouldn't you choose the practical, non-reactive way?

How many times have you yelled at your child, or grabbed your child, or smacked them, and regretted it afterward? How many times have you wondered why it's so hard to be a parent?

Why is it so difficult to be a parent? Why are there so many things about your child's behavior and development that you don't understand?

Why do you react and become emotional when your child doesn't act the way you want them to? Why do you get angry at them? What's really going on here?

Isn't it common sense that, in order to understand your child's behavior; how they respond to you, how they react to you, why they don't listen to you or do as you want them to, that you'd have to first understand and see how YOUR OWN reactions and your own behavior works? Has it ever occurred to you that your own starting point as a parent might be the actual problem, rather than your child's behavior?

How and where do you, with your children, allow your reactions to direct you in moments where you don't understand why your child is doing what they're doing? Are reactions ever a practical solution and method of educating and influencing a new human being who is going to copy what you tell them and show them?

Have you sat down and in writing written out and defined in words your expectations, your definitions, your memories, your ideas, your opinions, your wants and desires, around the point of parenting and having a family?

Have you ever stopped to consider how you formed and came to accept your definitions of parenting, family, raising a child? What were the influences? Where did those definitions come from?

Have you ever stopped and looked at what of your own behavior toward your child is exactly the same behavior that your own parents directed towards you? In what ways have you become a copy of your own parents? How and where have you copied and come to believe in the accepted ideas and definitions of parenting and family that you've been exposed to in the society you've become a part of? In what ways are you a copy of the world you were born into?

Are you satisfied with the way children are treated in this world? Do you believe it is acceptable for parents to mold, influence, train, and program a new human being according to whatever their particular opinions, beliefs, expectations, personal wants and desires and conditioning happen to be?

Should human beings have the 'right' to bring a child into the world simply because they are wanting to fulfill a preconceived idea about what their life is going to be like with a family?
Can you self honestly claim that your child holds any responsibility whatsoever to act, to be, to become what you want them to be according to your preconceived wants and expectations of having a family?

Why do you get embarrassed when your child is being loud or rambunctious in a public place like a restaurant? Is your child the problem? Is it your child who is causing you to feel embarrassed, or flustered, or upset, or stressed out? Or is your child's behavior simply triggering your own ideas, definitions, beliefs -- programming -- about how you're supposed to act in a public place, and how you, in your own mind, want others to see you and perceive you?

Why do we accept and allow ourselves to project our own programming onto our children?
Why is our priority the fulfillment of our own happiness and picture perfect life and family, rather than first making sure we are able to make decisions about another human being's life without having reactions cause us to do and say things that we would not like another to do and say to us?

When protesters are pepper sprayed, tasered, pushed around by police, aren't they doing exactly the same thing as we do to our children when we force them to conform to our thoughts, expectations, wants?

Our society is full of daily examples of abusive actions carried out in the name of protecting and enforcing the interests of religions, governments, etc. Isn't that what we're doing to our children? Protecting and enforcing our own personal interests as our own individual ideas, preconceptions, definitions and beliefs about having a family?

Why do we so easily judge others for attacking or being intolerant of things they don't understand, or that don't conform with their views and opinions, but fail to see how in yelling at and using physical violence to control our children, we are in fact attacking something we don't understand?

When will we be self honest and admit that we are faced with a problem in that we do not in fact have a practical way of directing the growth and development of children, and that we resort to manipulation and violence and fear tactics to control our children in order to manage our own emotional state?

Instead of abusing and traumatizing our children, leading inevitably to our children copying the same exact behaviors and reactions and repeating the same cycle with their own children, shouldn't we take Self Responsibility and first walk a self investigative process of understanding what conditioning, what programming we are walking with in our own minds, where it came from, and how it influences the way we see our children and the way we approach parenting?

Obviously these are some big questions that are not so easy to come to grips with. I mean, as the human race we have been repeating the same cycles of behavior over and over again generation after generation and it's easy to say that it's all just 'human nature'. But, fortunately - it's not 'just human nature'. Fortunately, we CAN change. And - the cool part is that there are already examples and documentation of HOW to change. This is what we're walking with the Journey to Life blogs as Destonians. We're changing the Destination of Humanity, changing the Destiny of Humanity. Changing our direction from that of reactions based on self interest based conditioning, to that of practical solutions based in the best interest of Life.

Here are some blogs and other links to assist with opening up practical insights into children, parenting, and education from those walking their process of developing Self Honesty and practical solutions:

Journey to a New Life

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A Teacher's Journey to Life

Parenting: Perfecting the Human Race - audio series on Eqafe

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Day 288: Unlocking Self Creation - Introduction

I made this picture because it illustrates how I had experienced a point that I had accepted and allowed myself to get locked into, and which over the last couple of years I experienced the consequences of. The point of being trapped in a memory! In recent weeks I realized and saw how I had specifically ended up locking myself into a survival mode, projecting memories into the future, thinking and believing I am seeing my actual future as what I am supposed to accomplish and experience as my 'purpose' in this life. Within this I manifested myself into an inner struggle between the fear of losing the future I believed was my purpose -- thus in essence 'failing my life / my purpose', and the deep desire and hope of achieving this projected future / purpose.

This survival mode within being trapped in a memory / memories ended up extensively influencing my starting point within how I viewed, experienced, and approached the primary points I am walking with and creating / developing in my life which are the points of my Self Expression within creative arts / music, business / making money, and developing an Agreement / Relationship with my partner. From projection and expectation, to disappointment, frustration, apathy, depression, and generally experiencing my life as a struggle.

The primary point of consequence that I manifested was that of outbursts of anger / rage -- which is a point I had been walking with from rather early in my life, from around the age that I started middle school / age 12-13. However it is only recently as I mentioned, that I've come to see and realize the extent to which I had defined myself / my purpose in life through this survival mode defined by the fear of loss / desire and hope around getting to this 'future point', and how this related specifically to the manifestation of the anger point.

In blogs to follow, I will be walking through what I've seen and realized as to how I manifested this point of anger / rage within me, through the nature of my relationship with emotion and feeling reactions in relation to how I interpreted and dealt with specific events and experiences throughout my life, starting at an early age.

I'll be sharing how the formation of my primary Self Image / Self Definition at a young age influenced how I saw myself in terms of my skills, my potential, my expression, my worth, and how I interpreted and reacted within Emotion to certain events and experiences throughout my formative years. 

I'll be sharing how my emotional reactions influenced my Self Image and how I defined myself in relation to others in my life, and how I progressed into finding ways of suppressing and coping with my emotions through Positive experiences / fantasies / future projections and expectations, becoming the survival point within which my starting point ended up becoming this quest, this struggle, to accomplish my 'Purpose' as the fulfillment of my primary desires, hopes, and fantasies. 

I'll be sharing how the underlying Purpose I had accepted myself to exist within and as, caused me to not be able to see how to fundamentally change / stop the anger point within me, and how within identifying and letting go of this purpose, I've been able to release myself / unlock myself from the survival point, see and understand anger and emotion in its proper context as it specifically relates to me and my life, and in this open up a whole new way of seeing myself and my life, a new world of possibilities and opportunities to start Start creating myself for real, and be free of the inner struggle I had been walking with.

Stay tuned.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Day 287: Communication: Software Updates for Organic Robots

An interesting realization opened up the other day as my agreement partner and I were talking about our finances. First some context: My partner is in charge of our budgeting because she is more effective naturally with math and creating management systems. We share a joint checking account and generally the way we've been dealing with decision making regarding making purchases individually is that most of the time I'll let her know when there's something of moderate to high cost I need to buy, and most of the time she'll keep me updated about our available funds in relation to the expenses and bills we need to cover in a particular period, and when to hold off on buying things. We have a checking account and also a few credit cards with my partner managing our use of credit cards in a way where we make sure our monthly payments don't exceed what we can afford.

So now that you have some context, an interesting thing happened the other day when I bought a couple of things from the office supply store. I decided to make the purchase based on information my partner had given me a couple days back. I had been planning to buy a desk, and she had given me a price range I should stay within. After looking at desks I hadn't found one and so decided to stick with my old desk for the time being. So, a couple days later when I was at the office supply store, I decided to buy a couple things using the card I was going to buy the desk with previously. In that moment I inferred / assumed the purchase would be fine, based on looking at how we'd used the card over the last couple of days and thinking there were still plenty of funds left from the amount originally allocated for a desk.

Well, later when I told my partner what I bought and how much it had cost, it created a bit of an unnecessary inconvenience because she hadn't anticipated the purchase and so had to now re-work the numbers a bit.

So I suggested that the solution I could apply would be to simply make sure that I communicate any such potential purchase to her in advance to make sure it's fine, and not make a decision based on an assumption, because in that moment of assumption, though I thought I was working with an accurate assessment of our funds, I didn't have an actual update as to the real status of the funds or to my partner's specific plans related to that money. This opened up the interesting realization that we really are like computers with our own individual software running, and basically what happened was that in the moment of assumption that influenced my decision making, I was running an outdated software version! The assumption could have been prevented if I'd made a Connection through Communication, and downloaded the current update from my partner about the status of our money / the numbers! It's like literally when we're communicating and sharing information in real time, working with the actual information, it's the same as computers connected to each other through the internet, sharing in real time the most current information, downloading updates. Then when the connection is severed -- the computer is running a software version that, a few days later may be outdated! The same as when you get some information from someone in a moment of Communication / Connection - after the connection is severed, that same information a couple days later may no longer represent actual reality!

Seeing the point of assumption in the context of how it's really like working with an incorrect version of reality that -- MAY have been correct at an earlier stage, I realized how many little moments assumptions are made - in relation to each other, based on information that was received through Connections at one time, but which may have changed since the last Connection! And we all know how easy it is to, in our mind take information as fact just because it's there and we tend to believe our own assumptions and memories just because we can form them but -- man that is really not a practical way to exist with each other because things change and information can be easily warped and mutated in one's mind by desires, memories, judgments, preferences, beliefs. It's better to simply Connect and Communicate to keep things REAL and get updates, especially when walking a partnership with someone in an Agreement, in the money system where we're tied to finances and jobs and responsibilities that relate to our survival.

So my partner and I agreed that, instead of allowing those little moments of assumption in relation to money, we communicate important updates to each other so we can be sure we're running the same software version! Also after this recent discussion she suggested she share the document she'd created that she used to manage our budgeting, so I could use it for reference. So I'm now also going to make a point of familiarizing myself more with the specifics of our budget and structuring my understanding of our budget according to the actual information, and identifying and stopping moments of assumption.

It's all part of aligning Self out of thought and energy, into practical reality awareness where, I'm being disciplined in sticking to Common Sense instead of allowing myself to believe in the Logic of thinking. Thinking involves following the logic of your beliefs, assumptions, judgments, desires, fears, projections, opinions, conditioned behavior, memories, instead of using Communication, being Self Honest about when and how one does not actually 'know' what's best or have all the Actual information in Reality about how a decision may affect not just yourself but another, and directing self to take Action aligned with the practical steps of getting to the point where one can say Self Honestly that - this is the best decision.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Day 286: Fundamentals of Stopping Terrorism

There are many people in the world with definitions and beliefs that justify violence - religious extremists being an example that we are all familiar with, especially these days with the conflicts around the whole 'Islamic fundamentalist' point.

Let's say you are observing the violent behavior of one of these extreme religious groups, and within yourself you are seeing, hey this is not acceptable, people are killing people because they believe that some behavior or other is going against what they believe 'god' wants people to do or not do, or say or not say. You're saying to yourself, this is not productive behavior for the human race, this needs to stop. You see that the behavior of killing and violence is like the ultimate act of saying 'I am right and you are wrong'. But - you understand that killing people because of something you believe, is not 'right' or beneficial, or indicative of practical values that support the human race. Then - you feel powerless, frustrated, angry because I mean, what do you do? What is the solution when faced with such behavior that is being carried out by so many people? And within this reaction, within this frustration -- what's then easiest thing to do that, according to your experience of powerlessness, of anger, feels the most 'logical'? Blame of course. All your focus zeroes in on the apparent 'source' of what you are experiencing, which is - 'those people'. And, when you feel powerless and angry toward what someone is doing, what do you want? What are you going to look for? You want to feel like you're in control, and you're going to look for a way to try and take the power away from 'that person' or people who 'made me feel like this'. And, in the case of dealing with religious beliefs - you know that when someone's beliefs are so strongly entrenched that they will kill in the name of their beliefs, that they are going to easily react and experience offense and become upset when you say or do things that go against their beliefs. So, in your mind you realize -- ah ha, I have a way to control you, I have a way to manipulate your experience and make YOU feel frustrated! And, isn't this precisely what is happening in the case of the "Charlie Hebdo" situation? What we are calling "freedom of speech" in this case, really only amounts to an attempt to manipulate how someone experiences themselves, in order to feel like we have some control --- in essence, to make ourselves feel good about ourselves, to give ourselves some solution to the powerlessness we experience in the face of such extreme violence.

But is ridicule and mockery really the solution for dealing with millions of people willing to physically harm and kill those who go against what they believe? I mean, when you deliberately antagonize and provoke reaction in someone that you know wants to KILL you for doing so, and very readily has the means to do so -- you are deliberately provoking consequence. The debate over whether we have a 'right of free speech' to mock other people's beliefs, is really not the issue that requires attention here. The problem we face as humanity is not 'how to protect free speech', or how to 'tolerate' divisive and violent beliefs, it is rather the question of how do we fundamentally take RESPONSIBILITY for who we are, for what we've become, for the thoughts, reactions, definitions that direct our physical actions? How can we PRACTICALLY get to the eventual point of being able to live together harmoniously on Earth, standing ALONE without feeling the need to look outside of ourselves for a power to direct our lives for us?

What the "secular" world shows is that, merely renouncing religious beliefs for instance, does not mean that you suddenly are a more 'evolved' person who has all the solutions. The state of humanity at the moment is that, whether you have particular religious or spiritual beliefs or not, you still are directed by reactions, emotions, judgments. I mean every day people from all backgrounds and cultures get angry, yell at each other, argue with each other, judge each other 'secretly' in thought, and engage in mini-wars centered around the validation of each others' self definitions and 'ways of doing things'. Using 'free speech' in the name of mockery to try and make people react and then saying 'oh I'm just 'expressing my views', isn't going to change the beliefs of the millions of people engaging in violent and destructive behavior toward their fellow man. Such behavior only shows a lack of understanding and insight into how to direct such problems to a solution. And, if your speech is dictated by reactions and thoughts and emotional experiences that come up within you without you making a directive decision for it to exist and understanding exactly where it came from and how it exists in you, that make you do things like yell, scream, slam doors, spew words that you later regret, form opinions and ideas about things based on your own self interest rather than how something actually works, and engage in secret conversations in your mind that you'd be afraid to reveal to others -- then how can you claim your speech and expression is free anyway?

Thus the message of Desteni, in which we are suggesting that the practical approach to taking on these problems of massive violence that seem to be beyond our ability to stop, is to start with SELF, with the question of - okay, if such behavior is the result of the physical actions being directed by patterns of reactions, thoughts, emotions, feelings built upon a foundation of knowledge and beliefs -- how am I accepting and allowing myself to exist as and participate in the SAME starting point -- the SAME basic principles of SELF-PROGRAMMING? And, how, from my birth, did I come to exist this way? How did MY OWN programs get installed in me? And how can I STOP my own programs, and become Self-Directed, able to look at living and participating in this world from a starting point of what is best for all life, rather than being directed by the energy and impetus of my own preprogrammed thoughts, feelings, and emotions? And then - as I walk this process of taking Self Responsibility to develop Self Honesty with myself and what exists in me, and as I Forgive Myself for that which I see I accepted and allowed myself to define myself as from a starting point that does not take into consideration all life as one and equal - I share my process of coming to a direct understanding of the nature and content of MY mind, and MY experiences --- within understanding that in doing this, I will be assisting and supporting others who can relate to my process, to take Self Responsibility for THEIR mind and THEIR experiences. In this way we develop a group of people who are able to stand as examples through WRITTEN proof, that we as humanity are able to change.

We have to show how we are making practical changes in our own lives, in our own inner world, and how we are changing our decision making process and starting point in the practical, day to day scenarios that we face as a human being, in no longer being directed by reactive patterns and agendas of judgment and blame, and self interested values only used to make ourselves feel good, or feel superior, or feel in control, or feel right. After all, if we are not able to stand one and equal with our own mind and see how the process of self programming actually takes place, how can we ever understand the process of how a person becomes a terrorist, or how any other behavior develops for that matter?

Friday, January 2, 2015

Day 285: Our Economic Sickness

Artwork by Marlen Vargas del Razo
This week I was sick with a cold and fever. I spent my time at home between my bed sleeping, and my chair where I would watch movies and do a little reading on my computer. Everyone reading this can relate to the experience of being home sick, feeling really, really crappy. Maybe with the flu, puking in the toilet and feeling like you're gonna die, or burning with fever, feeling like you're gonna die, or maybe a really bad sore throat, or cough, or perhaps something even worse that lasts into the weeks.

And I'm sure that everyone can relate to at some point during your sickness, in the midst of all your suffering, having the experience of being so so so glad that at least you're at home, in a comfortable place, where you can ride it out. And, those reading this blog will also be able to relate to how easy it is to access medicine that can, in most cases alleviate really uncomfortable symptoms. I mean it's as easy as a short drive to your choice of local supermarket or drugstore. In a rich country, when you have a job, and an income, and a place to live, and can afford all the basic creature comforts, it's more or less pretty easy to cope with your run of the mill illness. In fact most of us would agree it's a great time to get some rest and take some time off work, right?

But what about those who don't have access to all that nice stuff like a comfortable home, plumbing, electricity, the right kinds of foods, medicines, internet, computers? It's people in such conditions, that who truly experience the depths of physical pain, discomfort, and suffering, that really show me where we're at as a society. I place myself in their place. I swap places with them -- and that's where I see what's real. That's where I see that our current economic value system does not support life. And that's also where I look at my own life, my own resources - and see how astoundingly great they are by comparison. But do I feel grateful? Does it make me happy to have what I have access to? No. Because to feel happy about what I have, while another -- equal to me as Life, goes without what I'd want for myself, and has no chance at the kind of life I have -- I mean I'd have to separate myself from that person. I'd have to remove them from my world, from that which I see as part of me. I'd have to in some way convince myself that it's simply not my concern. I'd be putting myself in a bubble. And I mean that's so easy to do when you have money. But really, to anyone reading this, who would be okay swapping places with someone in the most dire poverty, right in the middle of say, a nasty bout of stomach flu? What if there was no toilet? No medicine? No plumbing? No electricity? No comfy bed? Would anyone want to do that?

Now imagine, with an effective guaranteed living income system, we could eliminate such conditions from planet Earth. Therefore to me, dedicating myself to supporting the research, development and implementation of such a system in the name of basic human rights, is to me far more relevant than feeling happy about what I have in the face of others who have nothing.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Day 284: Why I don't Celebrate Christmas

To preface this blog, I would suggest that it's important to consider the following quote:

"I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the passion of the Christ demonstrate in various symbolisms that the Physical-Body is the Temple of God that should not be subjected to Money-Lenders in all its forms as the Physical-Body, is the vehicle through which creation on Earth takes place - and therefore the Eco-System as Earth is given, as One Body, as Support, for All Bodies of Flesh on Earth. And thus – the Passion for Economics should be to design and present ways that make sure that every Body of Flesh that enters this System is supported in every way, so that no one Ever needs to Suffer and Wish they were Born into another Body simply because they are part of the ‘have-not’s’, while the ‘have’s’ passionately protects their lifestyle, creating theories as personal-theology, justifying their passion for self-interest, defining morality based-on possession and ownership of that which was given freely to All – implying that those that do not allow equality for All Bodies of Life: are in fact the Thieves of Life, and as such must be held accountable - which is inevitable through Democracy, where the Majority will no longer accept the Mockery that is being made of Life as Bodies, just to allow the Minority to have a Lifestyle protected through an Economic System that does not include All Bodies of Life on Earth. 

Would Jesus celebrate Christmas?

Would Jesus approve of Christmas?

 Would Jesus approve of how we accept and allow billions of dollars and untold physical resources and labor and planning and to be spent on the annual perpetuation of a day that pretty much amounts to a self-imposed tradition of permeating the physical world with an interactive sensory stimulation fest consisting of pictures, sounds, foods, clothing, toys, decorations, specifically engineered plants (christmas trees), all interwoven with the bizarre and inexplicable themes of snowmen, the colors red, green, and white, jingling bells, boughs of holly, anthropomorphized pumpkins, (oh wait that's halloween), a magical fat man that flies around giving toys to girls and boys, all while apparently celebrating the birth of a savior of mankind who has somehow guaranteed us a comfortable afterlife experience singing hallelujah and making cakes and cookies with our dead grandmothers in the clouds for eternity, finally free from all the things we hate like paying bills, physical pain and illness, cold and wet weather, and various forms of potential harm that may come to us in this big scary world, as a big scary demon shakes his pitchfork at us and curses our decision 'accept Jesus as our savior'?

Shit, I'm sorry but none of this makes a lick o' sense to me. And, never mind all the irrelevant backstory and historical pagan origins of Christmas symbology and traditions - that doesn't matter, it doesn't make any of this any more rational or 'meaningful' whatsoever.

What does any of this have to do with the message of Jesus at a fundamental level which is - to treat each other as equals and give each other what we'd like for ourselves? Did jesus say 'behold, I hereby set forth the decree that the act of giving is to be defined by buying presents for each other on one special day of the year, which are to be wrapped in shiny paper and opened after eating a big meal?'

2000 years of Christmas - and how have we advanced in the way we live with each other on Earth? Isn't there something about 'peace on Earth and good will towards all'? Where is that anyway? Isn't ACTUAL good will where we each have the Will to place what's best for everyone before what we want for ourselves? Wouldn't good will be to have a system where Profit is the outcome of our capacity to use the Earth's resources and our 'human ingenuity' to provide everyone Equally with a dignified life, filled with purpose and opportunities to contribute and express themselves in meaningful ways, without having to wonder where the next meal is coming from?

Is there Peace and Good Will on Earth in physical fact? Nope. We're worse off than before Jesus was born. By that I mean - we have the technology to access anyone, anywhere, and provide them with anything, at any time -- and yet we don't use it for the benefit of All, and millions will starve to death this year, and the next, and the next.

Clearly, Christmas has nothing to do with anything 'meaningful' if you're talking about something that is for the benefit of Life on Earth. Christmas is simply a tradition -- something we've been doing for so long that we believe it's actually part of 'who we are', and that it's actually in some way 'natural'. And, we humans tend to do this weird thing where, when we develop an emotional / memory attachment to something in childhood, that apparently means it's 'important', and 'of value', and 'has meaning', and is 'part of who I am' and then we 'feel bad' if we were to consider giving that thing up, and we want to 'pass it on' to the next generation because we want them to 'experience' the same thing. And then of course there's the element of Fear of being ostracized or rejected or judged as 'cold' or 'uncaring' for not buying presents or celebrating Christmas, or whatever the tradition might be. And that would be an example of how dysfunctional our relationships in fact are; being based on the protection of memories and self definitions rather than common sense and self honesty, standing as Equals as Life.

But all of this, thankfully, is unnecessary and can be changed, because what we're showing at Desteni within our thousands of Journey to Life blogs is that - we have the ability to Forgive ourselves for the attachments and emotions and memories and ideas we've defined ourselves by, and free ourselves to be able to view things and make decisions, and educate our children and plan our world based on common sense and Self Honesty and what's in fact Best for All.

I don't celebrate Christmas -- and yet, strangely enough I am still able to enjoy myself, and express myself with others and enjoy their company. And I much prefer being free of the fears and thoughts and stresses and emotional rollercoasters and constant mental preoccupation with 'the holidays' and all the planning and expenses involved, and trying to please others. I'm not a 'bah humbug', and I'm not a 'grinch'. I'm a human, I'm life, I'm on planet Earth. I care about Life. Life is my Value. Life is my Culture. And principles and actions that support what is Best for All Life -- that is what interests me. As for Celebration -- I'll celebrate when we have Proven our Good Will toward All by having a system where everyone is guaranteed a dignified life from birth to death.

If this blog makes sense to you, there's a free course you can do that will show you how to deconstruct things practically and take responsibility for your thoughts, emotions, and feelings, and change yourself to be able to live and express without the limitations of fear, memories, and self beliefs controlling your every moment of breath.

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